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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15, 2010

Today I harvested the remainder of my potatoes. Earlier in the season I had rummaged through the hilling hay every so often to sample a few for dinner, or to find some to give to friends, but today I decided it was time to get them all. Overall, I harvested more than I planted, so I am considering this first attempt of growing potatoes a success.

These guys are so different than what I see in the store. Most store bought potatoes are graded for size and shape, so that they all look and weigh the same. But because these came straight from the garden, I have a real assortment to work with. I’ve got every size- “store” size to marble size - and every shape you can imagine. Some are round, others are oval or long, and then there are a few that are so uniquely shaped that with a little creativity, I can easily make out animal shapes!

Some I will bake, others I will slice, and then others I will cut up into chunks. Every size and shape will have a good use for cooking.

And that is what I like about growing things myself. Variety. Nothing’s for sure and nothing’s standardized. Everything here is nature’s way when I find it. It’s a lot more fun this way.

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  1. Ken-
    I have heard about your farm recently through a friend of mine Jessica Havaland, and also I received an invite for the Dig in Event. Jessica is a member of your CSA she brings her two sons and they rave about how kind you are, as well as the fruits of your labor. I am interested in joining, if that is still possible? If you are not excepting new members, do you sell your eggs or chicken? If you could let me know if I am able to join that would be great, I have never joined a CSA before so I am interested in how it works. Again I understand if I have to wait until spring or summer : )
    Please email me at designerellen810@gmail.com