“Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic; but destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.” William Jennings Bryan

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 12, 2010

Wild turkeys were once rare in this area, but over the years they have been re-introduced and have made quite a comeback.

So this guy in Florida wants to make a name for himself and burn a Quran. Stupid. Let’s spread a little more hate…it always makes things a little better

All week long there has been a small flock of turkeys coming and going from the yard. They basically travel in a wide circle throughout the day. The flock always comes from the neighbor’s back yard, across the driveway and into our front pasture where they chase grasshoppers and find seeds.

Outside Philadelphia a woman opened fire in the Kraft Foods plant, killing two co-workers and injuring a third. She had been suspended a day earlier. For two days

From there they turn into Louie’s paddock and head to the back field where they mingle with the chickens. The two flocks dissolve into one before separating and going their own way. The chickens scatter to the raspberries and the compost pile, while the turkeys lazily hunt and peck their way to the garden.

Two troops were killed in Afghanistan this week. Why do they call them “troops”? Is it so we don’t react that they were people? “Troops” keeps it impersonal. “Troops” does not tell the truth. The truth is, they were just kids

Most times the turkeys then meander around the garden fence and make their way into our back yard. But one afternoon a few “hopped the fence” and explored the garden, leaving all these three toed “dinosaur tracks” in the freshly tilled soil.

Once in the back yard, the flock finds time to visit Snoopy. I am not really sure why. The turkeys crowd around her pen and look at Snoops, and Snoops looks back with her relaxed, floppy ears hanging down. She’d give them a quizzical look. I would watch this from the kitchen window each day and still can only guess what they might have been thinking of each other.

Unemployment is 9.6%. Wages are falling. Bonuses are getting bigger

After a few minutes of this quiet meeting, the flock moves on to the woods line and disappears behind the bottle bush and bayberry that guards the stand of trees beyond.

He is a socialist, a Muslim, and born in another place. Carnegie shot a few steelworkers with Pinkertons while he vacationed in Scotland. He wants everyone to have health care. Huey Long made sure every child in La had free school books. TR made lands public for everyone. “Imagine there’s no…” Rockefella was surprised about Ludlow – hated to miss out on a good ol’ tent burning massacre. People burned to death underneath the canvas. The children were screaming

And then the next day, the turkeys appear in the neighbor’s yard again before crossing our driveway and coming into our front pasture. In fact, its 7:46 am and they are out there right now.

They are going to do it all over again. It is so peaceful here

(Playing with styles. A variation of John Dos Passos "newsreels" form from the U.S.A. Trilogy)

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