“Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic; but destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.” William Jennings Bryan

Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

Really nice out this morning…

I just finished planting greens – arugula, lettuce mixes, and mesclun. I also planted bunching scallions. Then I set up the sprinkler and began watering it all, including the rows of chard, onion, and pac choi that I had planted the week earlier.

Louie is doing so much better. It’s been three weeks now that we’ve been treating his eye. After the first week, the vet did not like how his cornea was healing, so she re-scraped it and we began anew on a different plan of medications. Two weeks now of this treatment and he’s getting better – his eye doesn’t look inflamed, and I can tell by the way he acts that the pain is not there, at least not to the degree that caused him to mope around. He’s beginning to trot around his paddock, show some energy, and is keeping his bad eye opened most the time. He’s beginning to be Louie again!

The chickens have been moved from the stable and into their shed. We took down the storm wrecked coop, and last week with the tractor we dragged and pushed the shed across the paddock to a new spot behind the stable. It took a few days to re-train the chickens to roost there – it was surprising to think that after years of the shed being their home, they lost the memory or instinct of roosting there in such a short time. But they did. We had to go around and gather them up at evening time and place them in the shed…now it’s a week later and they are going in on their own. I think that Zips is happy about that.

He’s so relaxed lately that just being around him peels my stress away…too bad I can’t take him along where ever I go.

Patrick is being my buddy too. He always come to the fence and “lips and licks” me to say hi and to say “don’t leave”.

Then there is Snoops – I won’t say much now, but watch the video of her and her favorite toy….goat behavior is fascinating to me. I don’t try to explain it – I just enjoy it.

I have one remaining hive of honey bees. Losing three, all for very different reasons – mites, pesticides, and starvation – has taught me how fragile a honey bee’s life is. Suddenly, every bloom, whether it be a dandelion flower or a cherry tree in bloom is important – each is a source of pollen and nectar, not a weed or a pretty tree.

I guess I’d better get back out side…in my last post I ended it with the thought that the lawn would need mowed this week, and that happens to be the case.

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