“Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic; but destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.” William Jennings Bryan

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 19, 2011

la gente que conozco ... tres bocetos

He said that he can’t figure out why anyone would want the world to get better - he wants it to end. When the end comes, he will be taken up to heaven. The rest of us will face God’s wrath…revelations…but he’ll be first in line at the golden gate. The bouncer wont even card him. He believes that war and earthquakes and famine and diseases are good – even floods and tornadoes - they damn the deserved, and let the good guys know they are GOOD. And he is a GOOD guy. But he just needs the world to end to prove it.

The mini van was parked in the Acme grocery store parking lot. On its sides and back windows was brightly painted “ Bin Laden is avenged”, Rot in Hell Bin Laden”, “Obama, Thanks for killing him”, “Hooray!”. Bruce, whose job it is to gather all the shopping carts from the parking lot and push them back to the store was quite upset over the van and stopped me... “That’s too much”, he said, nervously pointing out the van to me …Even Bruce, who is a mentally disabled adult, understands the outcome of extremism. It’s a stick of dynamite with a fuse burning on both ends…even if one side is extinguished, the other side will set it off.

I handed her the CSA share bag, full of greens and a bundle of beets. The week before I had delivered a share of strawberries and lettuces to her. She was so happy to have them. These shares were shares that belonged to one of my CSA members, who asked that I give them to the woman. I called the CSA member who was in the hospital undergoing chemo, to tell her how happy that had made the recipient, and the member said to me, “it means so much to me that no matter how sick I am, I can still do something for others…”

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