“Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic; but destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.” William Jennings Bryan

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7, 2010

We spent most of today digging out – we shoveled off the deck and made a trail for Snoops so that she could come out of her cage and join us. Even with my loader, it took about three hours to get the lane cleared the whole way to the street. Kath cleaned off the cars, and that took over an hour.

After a break, we made our way out to the stable. We cleared the areas in front of the outside stall doors so that we could get the horses out and let them play. Then another hour to clear a path and make a clearing for a place to empty the muck from the stalls. The snow is too deep to make the 100 yard trip to the compost pile!

When we let out the horses, they just started playing! Louie broke into a classic Standardbred pace and raced around the paddock, kicking and playing, dipping his mouth in the snow, gulping it up. Round and round he went.

Zippy was next. I expected him to do the same as Louie, so I was totally surprised when he went prancing out for about ten feet, then bent down on his front knees, and rolled! And when Patrick took off out of his stall, he did the same! After that, Pat and Zip chased and nipped and sparred with each other – all horseplay!

Rose came by to get some pictures, and after a while of watching the horses, we turned to the chickens. I cut the net to get into the collapsed coop and pulled the shed door open. I grabbed chickens one at a time, handing them over to Rose and Kath who took them back to the stable, which will have to serve as their home until winter breaks and I can get the coop repaired. In the stable, they will have plenty of space and will not be hawk bait.

Tonight, the weather people are forecasting that another snow storm will be here by Wednesday, with maybe another significant accumulation. I guess we will just have to wait and see!

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  1. Love the videos, finally figured out how to post a commnet here! Snow is fun for every one(human and non-human)! How are those chickens?